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Club Pittsburgh Baths *

Renovated bathhouse
Bathhouse with full facilities in a cool old brick warehouse building. Open 24 hours. Check out the prices for the "recession proof Mondays."

1139 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

(412) 471-6790


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  • gayvisitor gave this place *
    Club looking for a new way to do business
    Ive lived in Pittsburgh for six months and traveled here for work over the last 7 years. I have visited The Club many times. There is a lot of potential at The Club that is for many reasons not taking off. The facility has a cool shell. The old building was nicely designed and is kept clean. The bald, short guy who does maintenance is top of the line worker!!! The front desk crew are big loosers. Unwelcoming from the start. No one wears a name tag so I will not try to describe any of them. Just to say, if you felt intimidated coming in you will feel completely intimidated when you go through the entrance process. The facility is soooo tentative. I was there last week and it wasn't until I was in and toweled that I found out there was NO HOT WATER. Other times the showers are closed, the Sauna doesn't work. The hot tub is cold. The gym equipment doesn't work. Parking is restricted The video monitors are fuzzy. The remote doesn't work. The endless supply of variables cannot be overcome by just having a clean building. When I travel to Club Columbusand its packed I ask why? Obviously parking and a pool make a huge difference. I am wondering why Club Pitt cannot make arrangements with the parking lot owner outside for afterhour privileges? Loose the gym and make a cafe. Host a college night and bring the young blood in. When the Pirates, Penns and Steelers are playing in Pitt offer half price nights for ticket holders. Point is....someone needs to rethink the business plan to encourage better patronization. A clean building is lame. It needs to be a vibrant facility that starts with a functional facility, moves along with a welcoming front desk and a creative program offering. Id hate to see this place go under. Its sure no bright star.

    Mar 22 at 3:32pm ·

  • J.r.G is now a fan

    Feb 3 at 8:54pm ·

  • holaloud gave this place *
    Its completely empty
    I recently moved to pittsburgh and wanted to check out the only bath house here. But I am sure I won't make that mistake again. I went there on a saturday evening. I was expecting some crowd if not as much as Steamworks in Chicago or Flex in Atlanta but there were literally 2 old people in the entire facility. They could barely get on their feet. Other than them the entire facility was a zombieland. Facility was clean and nice but completely empty. I don't know if saturday evening is not the best time to go there then what is. Anyways am not wasting $20+$5(parking) to go there and get out in 5 min. Pittsburgh is very disappointing from a gay life point of view. Nothing like queer as folk(That was canada).

    Jan 19 at 6:33pm ·

  • dmsteller gave this place *
    Hit or miss, but mostly miss...
    Not sure why I keep returning. The 4-story place has potential, but every time I go, it's literally just a bunch of old, gross men walking around. I'd skip this place if I were you.

    Jan 9 at 4:12pm ·

  • travelmen gave this place *
    Had fun each time we have visited. Decent mixed crowd of guys.

    Jan 1 at 8:35pm ·

  • Boundbear is now a fan

    Nov 20 at 5:07pm ·

  • sherrycumeater gave this place *
    I love big cocks
    wish we could have a cd day there

    Aug 6 at 3:44pm ·

  • sherrycumeater is now a fan

    Aug 6 at 3:43pm ·

  • Damien72A gave this place *
    My Night There
    There were some men snotty and rude, but there were those that were cool. Though I bump to another person in the dark room, everything was alright. 20 men and myself were all doing it until it was over. When I go back to Pitts, %75% I will go back again. I'm already set to go back soon.

    Aug 2 at 3:57am ·

  • gay.rapeir reviewed
    club pittsburgh versus flex cleveland
    i wrote this letter to club pittsburgh: i haven't been to your bath-house in 5 years, but given that your address is on penn avenue and on the 4th floor, i feel it's safe to say that everything's "ever the same," to take a song by rob thomas. you really should think about expanding your club so that it is comparable to cleveland's FLEX bath-house. i realize how nitwits of pittsburgh want to think that they're so superior to cleveland, but pittsburgh's bath-house is only one of many things that justifies pittsburgh as an inferior city when compared with cleveland. now, i do not want to get into more anti-pittsburgh hate-speech than i've already expressed at, and i'd rather not express my feelings about dim-witted fans of the steelers whose very existences and identities are justified by a football game, so i will just focus on the inferiority of pittsburgh as it relates solely to the bath-house. though i once admired the fact that there is a bath-house i can go to when i want to express my naivete of the masculine gender (and "play with" mens' bodies like i'm some kind of masculivoid who's looking for answers in a discovery-zone), i find that your bath-house for masculivoids (that's my word for gay "men") is like a ghetto when compared with cleveland's. now, while such may be good enough for negroes, well, what about the people who are out of diapers and who strive for excellence (rather than relying on programs like affirmative action to compensate for what is an ever-present state of non-excellence)? unlike pittsburgh's bath-house, cleveland's FLEX bath-house is not located on the 4th floor of a dinky little building. cleveland is superior because its bath-house is not far from superior avenue and it is in its OWN non-dinky building. until i open MY gay bath-house in cranberry township (hopefully in the old DICKS building), i will be wasting gas to drive to cleveland rather than wasting time in pittsburgh's dinky bath-house. it's homophobia, really, because gay "men" already have the "masculivoid"-type gender-identity of a member of the lesser gender - pittsburgh is ridiculing us by providing a tiny bath-house to complement our tiny levels of masculine esteem. granted, i may not have enough masculine identity and masculine self-worth to regard myself as "man enough to be my man," but a dinky little bath-house for me to indulge in my dinky little state of masculine insufficience, well, it just slaps me in the face. as i'm sure it does for EVERY gay "man" who feels dinky and un-super enough to be curious of non-dinky supermen. i'm sure that i am not the only one who would like to see the pittsburgh bath-house relocate to a bigger building, because right now...well, club pittsburgh is "just a little bitty pissant country place," if you know what i mean. mr. dylan terreri, i dr. sheldon cooper, ii -------------------------- "When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna -------------------------- *** Get Your Free E-mail Address At *** Yet another production of, LLC --------------------------

    Mar 30, 2013 at 3:50pm ·

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