Element (Closed Temporarily)

91% love it
GayCities Members report that Element is temporarily closed, let us know if it has re-opened
Lounge bar
Grab a drink and mingle with the well-dressed crowd at this upscale, trendy location.
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    • jdyyy
      jdyyy 3 days ago
      Loves it

      I went by for a drink and unfortunately the bar is closed for good.

    • Element is a little more classy than most bars in Pittsburgh. There is a little attitude here but a great place to catch up with friends or make new ones.

    • WoodyAutumn
      WoodyAutumn Over a year ago
      Hates it

      RUINED MY SATURDAY NIGHT I visited Spin on Saturday 8/31/2013. I visited Pittsburgh over the Labor Day weekend.   I planned a visit to Spin based on reviews that I read on Yelp, Urban Spoon and Gay Cities.  I was very disappointed. This is not a dance club!  I was unable to locate a dance floor anywhere.  I don't know why there are reviews that referred to this club as a dance club!  They do play music videos and the music was very good and could possibly be classified as dance music but again, there was no dance floor. On a Saturday night around midnight the place was very empty.  There was about a dozen people inside the place and about 6 people outside. The place is beautifully decorated.  One of the best looking bars I have ever seen.  The two bartenders were very pretty with very nice toned and tanned bodies but they were kind of on the fem side and very persnickety. I did not see anyone smoking inside this bar which I liked because I do not smoke and hate being around it. There was a nice patio on the back of the place where no one was but I think it could be used for smoking. Out front there were a couple tables where patrons were sitting and smoking. One of the tables was very large with about six people sitting at it. It was so big it consumed the whole sidewalk.  Myself and my partner had to step into the street that was busy with traffic to get around the table and continue our walk down the sidewalk.   I hated that and I wonder if it was even legal for the bar to block the sidewalk in that manner. Another problem I experienced, was when I asked a bartender if they had Black Velvet, he said yes.  So, I ordered a Black Velvet & ginger ale but before I got my drink and a few minutes later the other bartender who was at the other end of the bar approached me, acting as though he was an aficionado on liquor.  He said we do not have anything called Black Velvet. We do have something called Black Navel.  I said no that is not it.  I asked this bartender if he ever heard of Black Velvet and he said no.  I told him that it was a fine Canadian whiskey that is usually a staple in any bar and I couldn't believe that the bar did not have it and that he had never heard of it. Anyway, I then asked him if they had Canadian Club (CC) and he said they did. So, I then ordered a CC & ginger ale. The glass he served it in had some sort of speck of dirt on the rim that I rubbed off with a napkin. The drink tasted to pretty good but it was $5 and that is a bit pricey. The bartenders were not friendly at all. They were almost borderline rude and avoided both myself and my partner. I had similar problems at the 5801 Video Lounge that is on the next city block and across the street.  The 5801 did not have Black Velvet or Canadian Club either and was full of straight / heterosexual couples with a few Gay people scattered about. 5801 is not a Gay bar. Unlike the 5801 Video Lounge, Spin did have Gay patrons and they were mostly men but there were not many of them there.  About a dozen patrons inside and about six out front and keep in mind that it is Saturday night around midnight on a holiday weekend. The worst problem though, is that I wasted my valuable vacation time on a Saturday night to visit this club with the thought that it had a dance floor and that it was popular. It had no dance floor, it was not popular, the staff was unfriendly and I could not get "my" drink there.  I wish I had gone elsewhere. I do not recommend anyone going to Spin. It is not a dance club! There are much more fun places, such as Blue Moon, Cattivo, Brewers Hotel, P-Town and Tilden.  These places aren't as pretty but they are real friendly and whole lot of fun.

    • mpek
      mpek Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I went here with my boyfriend and we saw pictures of this place on thier website, or I think it was from here but the pictures made it seem like it was this huge place that had a dance floor, but no. The drinks were decent, Alot of creeepy guys in there but other than that it was an ok bar, I wish Pittsburgh would get some decent bars that wont play techno, lady gaga or madonna all the time. I rather go to a straight bar than this place

    • gmmrx
      gmmrx Over a year ago
      Hates it

      i was at this bar around the holidays. My dad had recently died and i went to this bar after leaving 5801. I only had one drink at 5801. I think i was in this bar for around 30 min and only had one drink. there was some guys off to my right , and one was gettting a massage. from time to time...I would look at them. I only looked as it was a rather lengthly massage. The bartender appached me and asked that I not stare at that end of the bar !! i was so shocked by what I had heard, that I dId not finsh my drink and left the bar. Most of the time there...i was staring off into space not seeing or looking at anyone. The people that read this will recall this and remember this incident. i will never go back to this place and i even considered seeing a lawyer about this. something like this should never happen.....I dont care what type of bar it is. this is not a comfortable bar to be in. and i think this needs to be publised in out.

    • piercedm4m
      piercedm4m Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice Upper Scale Bar
      I liked the place buy my partner thought it was a bit snooty. It was but I didn't care because we met a small group and had a great time. Drinks are a bit pricy but the atmosphere didn't come cheap so you pay for what you get. Great Music. Fun Crowd. Very conveniently across from 5801 which is also a great place.

    • btford89012
      btford89012 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      New Place
      I stopped down to check this bar out after stopping at 5801... looks a little upscale bar. The bartender Mark was great and very social... I would recommend this place when Mark is working. I will return to this bar!

    • MarkusDominic
      MarkusDominic Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best Music, Drink and People in Shadyside!
      Best Music, Drink and People in Shady side!

    • raskaldog
      raskaldog Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Slick, Hot Club, BUT ...
      having been here a few times, now, it seems to cater and appeal pretty much to the young and beautiful ppl. depending on who u r, u might have an awesome time, but be on guard for rejection if u're not the ... right sort. pittsburghs gay scene is still pretty cliquish as i was warned when i first moved here, and found to be true. just the same, good luck!

    • dannpgh
      dannpgh Over a year ago
      Loves it

      3 years and Still Going Strong!
      As the Owner/Bartender of SPIN I hope your Visit is met with a Friendly Smile and a Great Drink! Thanks Danny

    • DTracer
      DTracer Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Had a great time
      Was in Pittsburgh for a few nights and decided to check out Spin--glad I did! The space is fun and interesting, and the crowd was easy on the eyes :) I'll definitely return when I'm in the area again.

    • GCeditor
      GCeditor Over a year ago
      Loves it

      fun, fun, fun
      i love pittsburg for its small city gay life vibe, and this is one of the best places to capture it. still drinks, cute guys, pretty darn cool

    • PittBullPa
      PittBullPa Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great place
      the layout is a little strange but a beautiful bar. Handsome friendly bartenders. The best looking crowd in town. Mostly well heeled professionals it seems. A place to wear nice clothes. Packed on weekends. Hit or miss during the week

    • JRin2010
      JRin2010 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A Model for ALL Pittsburgh bars
      Delicious drinks, hip staff, a cute back patio and multi-levels in the bar area with comfy furniture. My Blue Hawaiin was PERFECT. Big kudos go to the owners/mgmt. for it being Non-Smoking - it's sad that other bar owners haven't learned from your example. Also, you're part of the monthly G2H2 - which is always a good time!

    • kgoad
      kgoad Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great atmosphere & cute bartenders! Must visit.
      Love it! Sophisticated atmosphere with no attitude. Well mixed drinks, cute bartenders and great music...SPIN is a big city bar scaled down to a mid city feel. Well worth a road trip for a weekend in Pittsburgh!