Cruze Bar

87% love it
Cruze on in
This karaoke and happy hour place also has a great sound system for dancing.


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    • BBwannabe
      BBwannabe Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Big Modern Bar in the Strip District...But No Strippers
      Cruze is a big modern-looking bar in Pittsburgh' Strip District. The bar consists of three big rooms and a porch. One room has a large dance floor area with a bar behind it, another room is a lounge area, and there is a front (entry) room with a bar and another lounge area. Cruze has a No Smoking policy, except for on the porch. Access to the bar is by a ramp. When I was there in the wee hours of a Sun. morning the July before last, I paid $4.50 for a rum and coke, and the bar was not crowded. I would go again, even though they close at 2:00 AM and there are no go-go boys.

    • jobroson
      jobroson Over a year ago
      Hates it

      True Pittsburgh bar hopper
      Cruze is so so drinks are a bit expensive dance floors nice good crowd ill always be more of a 801 and Images guy but Cruze is worth a Saturday out wouldn't stay the whole night but worth a stop by also avoid Thursday's bunch of under age kids hounding you to get them drinks pretty annoying

    • JRin2010
      JRin2010 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great for Pittsburgh
      CRUZE is exactly what Pittsburgh needed: a gay bar/club that offers up a great dance floor, delicious drinks at reasonable prices, has an outdoor deck and isn't far from Downtown.

    • fengia
      fengia Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Nice looking place
      Was there with a friend and the place was completely empty the bar tender was completely aloof.

    • Popular Pittsburgh Dance Club - but not your only option
      Since this club opened just recently, much of the action from Pegasus has moved here - which makes sense. Pegasus is in a far-away and dangerous Northwest part of town. Cruze is conveniently located in the (downtown) Strip District. However, the cliquishness of Pegasus has found its way here too. The bartenders often serve their friends before other people who were waiting at the bar longer. Its fun enough but bring your own crowd with you. And try the club headquarters just down the street. Its not as busy, but better drink specials and a more friendly environment.

    • madamemim1
      madamemim1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place is amazing. The place has a lot of square feet but has no "dead space" - there is no Siberia in this club. The front lounge is gorgeous with huge floor to ceiling windows so natural light is not a problem here. You can sit in the comfortable couches and people watch if you like while socializing with friends. The whole place is set up with socializing in mind. The dance floor is completely state of the art - Amazing light show and sound system. The back bar is beautiful and it seems as though the owners did not skimp on anything. There is a deck that is open year round with misting fans for summer and outdoor heating for winter. I almost forgot to mention that when you come to the club on the weekends they have a great tab system - when you enter you open your tab at the door and get a bracelet with a number. That way you can go to any bartender at any station and receive fast hassle free service with your bracelet. I just have not seen any gay bar/club in Pittsburgh with such a service first attitude and am happy to report that I will be back many more times in the future. Bravo and well done!!!

    • gvanhorn
      gvanhorn Over a year ago
      Loves it

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