The Link

85% love it
Live nude entertainment
In a friendly, small town 30 minutes south of Pittsburg, enjoy male strippers, theme nights, DJs, and shows.


    • Lascivious
      Lascivious Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Double Check Before You Go
      Make sure if you want to see strippers or a drag show that you call first to make sure they are having a show. Just because they advertise "gogo boys on Tuesday and Friday" or drag shows doesn't mean they will have any.

    • imamike
      imamike Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Good Time
      I've been to the Link several times and always enjoy myself there. I took a straight friend to a show and she had more fun than me :)

    • Greatest Link
      Where everyone is family ...We love you guys! Owners are sweethearts <3

    • rookofstraif
      rookofstraif Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Not bad at all.
      I've lived in several area, including DC and NOLA, and have been to many bars, straight, gay and mixed. I'm not some twink with a few months of experience, nor am I someone still living in the town they were born. This said, for what it is, and what it has to work with, The Link is a very nice little bar, and is getting better. Since they took down the dividing wall, they've redecorated and added all new lighting, including a lazer show. They don't have a clientele that is interested in dancing, so don't go expecting that. Its mostly a drag show bar (the overt listing of "go-go boys" here is a bit much... occasional stripper would have been more fitting) . The regulars and the staff are friendly, the drinks are at completely expected pricing (if you don't get around much, you might think they are high, but for a little place out in the boonies, without a massive population of regulars and tourist like the urban bars/clubs have, they do okay). Its a show bar, not a night club. Go in, hang out, chill out, and have fun. Posing will cause pointing and laughter.

    • piercedm4m
      piercedm4m Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Fun Out of the City Place in Middle of Nowhere
      I love the bar, bartenders, music and atmosphere but enough of the drag shows already. The people truly make this place, everyone is friendly although many younger patrons that bring their wannabe girlfriends since not too many dance bars in rural area. I like this bar and I do drive an hour to get there when I'm bored with city bars but overall not my favorite.

    • suitman
      suitman Over a year ago
      Hates it

      skip it is for sure
      strippers? do they mean the little boys that look 12 or the fat girls who are really customers? pricey drinks with no alcohol. rude employees. rude owner. rude customers.

    • norfolk1981
      norfolk1981 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Overall the tiring trip to this bar, I had heard about a long time ago, i decided to make the trip. I am sure the regulars or locals with missing teeth enjoy it there as it is a local bar, and most only have a gallon or two of fuel till the 3rd of the month. However this bar seriously needs to be considered for Euthanasia and give the couple of decent people that I saw there a push to go elsewhere. Drinks were overpriced, the atmosphere was a bit lame. I have heard and read mixed opinions of this place, the positive ones I am sure were and will be written bu either regulars or owner associated people, but, really I can say save your time bothering with this place. Although most bars in the area are seedy and typical of the regulars in them not making you feel welcomed, unless like myself you constantly were hit up to go to the parking lot for fun, which I donnot do. But again if you are visiting the area, save your time, and look elsewhere.

    • Robbie777
      Robbie777 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Still open?
      Would not mind going. Is it still open and worth leaving motown to go there

    • lorisnow
      lorisnow Over a year ago
      Loves it

      my first gay bar, so im smitten, lol
      It has alot of cool people, but not without its quirks. Jonathan is the best bar tender, love him. I do find it funny how the one cd that works there is in every pic. but largely, its a fun place. its out of the way but you dont gotta worry when u get there. they watch ur car, free park, and they decorate so nicely and always try to have something goin on. Like anyplace, its what u make of it. I hated going to bars in downtown pit, that sucked. I did like it there. Plz tip well when there too. Hey guys, lovin my girl self in southern cali. Made it, love it. ta ta.

    • mrgreat2009
      mrgreat2009 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Well lets see, what can say about The Link, Ive coming down to The Link for a while now a little over a year, and all I can really say is positive things.. The ppl and the atmosphere is amazing .. I used to go into the big city bars where basically everyone has there click, and more less the big city bars are just to full of fakes and liars and players who just want a piece..not my style...but not at the link here you make friends with everyone that comes in threw the doors..1st off the comments that are below are just plain STUPID there none of that goes on.. like i said ive been going there for a little over year and nothing but nice ppl.. The BARTENDERS are FABO.. they know how to make that drink that you like so much..just perfect i think that add just little extra just to make it taste so good... YUMM makes my tummy rumble thinking about a good stiff the owners of the link are nothing but nice from the moment you walk in the door till last call when they have to throw your tush out the door... lol.. The last time I was there it was a drag queen night I know I know some ppl dont like drag queens but the night I was there a friend of mine was on stage.. and let me tell you the place was pack dancing and drinks and the music was off the hook... I think the DJ name was Johnny and let me tell you he was spinnin all the new hits and some of the old ones as well which made for a GREAT time .. Im a little older so I like the oldies too.. Well what else can I say about the link but if your in pittsburgh area and tired of the gay drama at the BIG cities clubs take a short 25 min drive down to The Link and you will see what its all about. Ive been trying to go every weekend but sometime I work on the weekends but I always can catch up on what happens from there website and myspace..Most def a return customer for VERY long time.. THANKS LINK FOR ALWAYS GOOD TIME..SURE ONE HELL OF GREAT PLACE

    • snuffy731
      snuffy731 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The Missing Link
      The grueling drive from Pittsburgh to the middle of nowhere was a warning sign for things to come. The bar itself was sort of dumpy with a simple-minded feel to it. The staff was generally friendly except for the African-American owner, who is one of the rudest creatures I have ever encountered. The Saturday night DJ was typical of a small town gay bar: Horrible dance remixes of equally bad popular songs. I guess music that is no challenge to your mind is all that type of crowd can handle. I have visited bars all over the country and I honestly have never received such an unwelcome reception by its patrons. On my first visit, I was an outsider. On my second visit, I was treated like an outsider. The attitude level of the bar is more than that of a cosmopolitan city bar, something which is slightly shocking considering the area and look of the place. Is there such thing as gay hillbilly chic? Based on 2 Saturday night attempts, I can only view The Link as a backwoods, slightly backwards, private club disguised as a gay bar. I will NEVER return to this place and I would strongly suggest anyone to second guess going there, unless of course, you feel as though you would fit right in.

    • realuser
      realuser Over a year ago
      Hates it

      First review from 2007 hit the nail on the head
      Weak drinks, terrible location, rude patrons (for the most part) except for this one patron who I would say was about in his mid 30's, poor thing surrounded by a bunch of Older (old) guys, he actually excused himself to let me through the isle. This saturday 10-17-09 will be the very last nite we try this bar, there was a por star there, a late 40's (polite) but a "has been" and although signing autographed pictures, was truly not worth the cover charge. RUDE RUDE RUDE RUDE people, they were even rude to their own it seemed. This bar is small, and so very much a waste of anyones time. Many Many CLICKS galore!!!!!, but I guess that is in any gay club, but this one is the worst!!!!! This was our 4th visit (we really gave it a true chance) but will not go back, and that is to bad as my BF and I really liked the one nice guy there, maybe we will see him out somewhere good, LOL. But seriously, if your close to it and want a boring laugh then by all means stop, but don't expect to much, and give yourself enough time to get to another place. Not being rude, but it will be no shock if and when we hear that this hole closed.

    • PittUAdude
      PittUAdude Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Quite Possibly the best in the city...
      The staff...amazing. The drinks...tasty. The bartenders...out of this world. This place is well worth the trip out of the city. Always something going on and you will always be treated like a VIP. Beats the heck out of the pricier bars in the city.

    • msullygbg
      msullygbg Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Great bar thats not in the city
      the Link always has a good crowd and the staff is one of the best around ...the owners are nice guys and go out of there way to make all feel welcome

      LITTLEMAMA143 Over a year ago
      Loves it