Club Pittsburgh Baths

76% love it
Renovated bathhouse
Bathhouse with full facilities in a cool old brick warehouse building. Featuring private rooms, saunas, whirlpools and a gym. Open 24 hours.
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    • Hotolderlover74
      Hotolderlover74 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A delicious place to be on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

    • iwantall
      iwantall Over a year ago
      Loves it

      they need to get rid of the smokers i quit 3 yeara ago an i walked in some rooms an boy it smelled..i waa there an it wasnt bizzy i wanted to get a 4 some or somerhing but i sucked a bbc for my first time an i loved it an ill go back when i can maybe at nite nite time water was hott but nice it was cool

    • NiceGayMan
      NiceGayMan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Very nice place
      Not always many men, but very clean. No pool but the hot tub is nice, could be hotter but it is fine. A lot of walking and four floors so take that into consideration if walking and steps are an issue for someone. Nice staff but have to pay to park. I have been many times and will return.

    • Club Pittsburgh is a super clean sauna with DELICIOUS eye candy! Can't wait to go back!

    • MSBiBottom
      MSBiBottom Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place is awesome
      I visited Club Pittsburgh on Jan 17, 2016 for naked lunch. The staff was very nice and helpful. The hot tub was being repaired so I did not get to use it, but that is no big deal as I am not a hot tub type of guy. The dry sauna was great although it is a little small. After that, I went to the video room and met a guy that was watching and playing. We talked for a couple minutes and he left after I showed him the skills of a Mississippi guy. I visited the glory hole room and got to service a guy there for a few minutes. After the GH room, I went to the lower floor and found the sling room and the room next to it with a large play area (table). That is where I spent the next 45 minutes bent over or laying on my belly with two or three guys playing with me at once. I want to thank the guy that was making me feel good from behind!! You are truly good at what you do!! I stayed in that room until I was worn out and could not take any more. I went and showered and checked out of the Club. If you do not enjoy your time here, it is most likely your own fault!! I will return when I come back to Pittsburgh!!

    • tomcave1987
      tomcave1987 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      avoid at all costs
      this place is FILTHY....the staff is rude, stupid....there is a fat drag queen named i think sherry, who does nothing but eat and watch her computer.....theres a dorky crew cut tall guy, that skeezes me out when he's checking out customers.....theres an overnight guy who thinks he's some sort of royalty, when in reality he is a rude BIG loser....there is always something broken....the sauna or the hot tub....a computer that never works...the showers have feces in them....BIG is sooo unsanitary and gross.....and the amount of drug dealing is off the charts...the owners look like twin brothers and are apparently a couple, who i suspect both wish they would have either slept with their older fatter brother or they just wanted to f is painfully obvious that they put no money into the has porn and only local channels, years ago they used to have cable, but i guess they decided to cut that out yet raise the prices, which are outrageous....go anywhere but here

    • gaysmoker
      gaysmoker Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I went to Club Pittsburgh on Sat Aug 23 and Sun Aug 24. Got there around 4:00 PM both days and got a single room. The single rooms are larger than in most other baths I've been to across the country. An added bonus to a room is you have in and out privileges during your eight hours, just let the desk clerk know when you are leaving that you are coming back. The first floor (actually the fourth floor) is primarily lockers, the gym and a TV lounge. The rooms are on the second floor along with the sauna, steam room, and video room. Just off the video room are the glory holes. They are set up so the guy receiving the oral goes to a raised level and the one performing it stays on the lower level. Sat afternoon was kind of dead, but the action really picked up after 9:00. I sucked three guys through the glory holes and swallowed two nice loads. The only drawback is with two of them I had to get on my tip toes to really go down on them. I sucked two other guys in the video room which is tiered. The videos were fairly good and many of us were getting poppered up as we watched. The crowd was mostly middle age, 45-60 and the staff was friendly. Sunday was totally dead. I was there for about four hours in the evening and the only thing I sucked were cigarettes when I went to the sun deck to smoke. I am going back tomorrow with hopefully the results I had on Sat. They provide condoms for fucking, but it seems no one wants to fuck, just be sucked. All and all a pretty decent place and handy to the convention center and some hotels.

    • FunInTheSun13
      FunInTheSun13 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Went to PA for graduation and checked out the club on Sunday May18, 2014 with my spouse, around 3pm arrival. Parking lot next to the building is private so parking is in the garage across the street. Its actually very close and being in a public lot instead of one designated for the local bathhouse has the added security of not being targeted by biggots due to our patronage of such a place. We asked for a double room and were informed its not a hotel, we each have to pay for a membership and some sort of room or locker. I kinda giggled cause we knew that. I just happened to be in line first so I asked for the room, my hubby was getting a locker, we weren't trying to get away with anything. No biggie. We went and sat in the TV room, a set of risers in theatre style where you can watch the educational stations and other people as they come thru. Attached to that is the glory hole room which is pretty cool since it is set up so one party is standing above the other. It was quite fun in there. We chatted with people (not a busy day but sunday mid-afternoon probably wouldn't be anywhere), played in the glory holes, checked out the Jacuzzi (good and hot), showered. The steamroom was out of order but the dry sauna worked, pretty good facility. There is an outdoor deck on top, nice to have, didn't hang out there due to the cool temps, but I liked it. There is a spot right at the door of the deck I think they should repair, very soft like one could fall through. Overall the facility is very clean and upkeep is ok. I agree with others that very little effort in marketing could bring a larger crowd like a college student night/day discount, or when an event is in town, or even a Saturday or sunday daytime event like chub/chaser day. The gym looked underused. Perhaps remove it and have a lounge area where people can sit and chat, maybe even a little stage for a show is a thought. I wouldn't whine about parking, that garage is just fine and very close. We had a good time and would go back when we visit again.

    • gayvisitor
      gayvisitor Over a year ago
      Hates it

      trying to be helpful
      I have been to Club Pittsburgh too many times to count. Im a regular. I travel in and out of Pittsburgh often but don't live in the city. I like going to Club Pittsburgh for the obvious reason that it provides an environment for no strings sexual engagement in a private safe setting. However, in an effort to help a business succeed, I hope these thoughts can move us along. First, hire with customer service in mind. I am not a trouble maker. I do not start fights, do not damage facilities, do not harass customers. I am there to spend $24 dollars a least 3 times a month, maybe more. Yet, I rarely get greeted more than a brusk hello. Can't get a question answered in a civil way and am reluctant to report a broken sink or running toilet because of the attitude that will follow. The staff here is a big part of the slow take off of this place. They are simply not customer service oriented. A recent visit, the guy who prepares rooms and does maintenance was sitting in the stairwell at the entrance to the outdoor deck. He was smoking in the stairwell. To get to the deck I had to pass by. He wouldn't move forcing me to squeeze between him and the railing. He could have cared less. He was watching videos on his smartphone. Lock your key in the room, need an extra towel, report a facility problem......prepare for issues!! Guys, your customer care is sending customers away. I want readers to come to The Club because you are what makes the place fun. But be warned, you have to get past the front window and through the hoops of employee discontent to have a good night at The Club. The solution is in the hands of management. I just resent paying money, often, to be insulted and treated like a bother. Low customer turnout is in part due to the fact that the staff does not treat customers like they are valued.. They see us as the problem! The facility is ok at best. Lots of potential. A really cool building that is in decline. The roof top is the smoking area so it is full of smoker dingo. Needs paint on the trellises, floor needs to be power washed. Stairwell is covered in ashes. The hole inn the floor outside the steam sauna is going to hurt someone. The carpet is filthy and needs to be steam cleaned. The TV in the lobby is some kind of weird antenna system and there is no control to change channel or volume. Of course, the crux of the matter is that you can be what you want to be in business if there is no competition. The only game in town for bath house is Club Pitt. So. be prepared to be treated like you're a bother and have a fun time.

    • holaloud
      holaloud Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Its completely empty
      I recently moved to pittsburgh and wanted to check out the only bath house here. But I am sure I won't make that mistake again. I went there on a saturday evening. I was expecting some crowd if not as much as Steamworks in Chicago or Flex in Atlanta but there were literally 2 old people in the entire facility. They could barely get on their feet. Other than them the entire facility was a zombieland. Facility was clean and nice but completely empty. I don't know if saturday evening is not the best time to go there then what is. Anyways am not wasting $20+$5(parking) to go there and get out in 5 min. Pittsburgh is very disappointing from a gay life point of view. Nothing like queer as folk(That was canada).

    • dmsteller
      dmsteller Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Hit or miss, but mostly miss...
      Not sure why I keep returning. The 4-story place has potential, but every time I go, it's literally just a bunch of old, gross men walking around. I'd skip this place if I were you.

    • travelmen
      travelmen Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Had fun each time we have visited. Decent mixed crowd of guys.

    • Damien72A
      Damien72A Over a year ago
      Loves it

      My Night There
      There were some men snotty and rude, but there were those that were cool. Though I bump to another person in the dark room, everything was alright. 20 men and myself were all doing it until it was over. When I go back to Pitts, %75% I will go back again. I'm already set to go back soon.

    • gay.rapeir
      gay.rapeir Over a year ago

      club pittsburgh versus flex cleveland
      i wrote this letter to club pittsburgh: i haven't been to your bath-house in 5 years, but given that your address is on penn avenue and on the 4th floor, i feel it's safe to say that everything's "ever the same," to take a song by rob thomas. you really should think about expanding your club so that it is comparable to cleveland's FLEX bath-house. i realize how nitwits of pittsburgh want to think that they're so superior to cleveland, but pittsburgh's bath-house is only one of many things that justifies pittsburgh as an inferior city when compared with cleveland. now, i do not want to get into more anti-pittsburgh hate-speech than i've already expressed at, and i'd rather not express my feelings about dim-witted fans of the steelers whose very existences and identities are justified by a football game, so i will just focus on the inferiority of pittsburgh as it relates solely to the bath-house. though i once admired the fact that there is a bath-house i can go to when i want to express my naivete of the masculine gender (and "play with" mens' bodies like i'm some kind of masculivoid who's looking for answers in a discovery-zone), i find that your bath-house for masculivoids (that's my word for gay "men") is like a ghetto when compared with cleveland's. now, while such may be good enough for negroes, well, what about the people who are out of diapers and who strive for excellence (rather than relying on programs like affirmative action to compensate for what is an ever-present state of non-excellence)? unlike pittsburgh's bath-house, cleveland's FLEX bath-house is not located on the 4th floor of a dinky little building. cleveland is superior because its bath-house is not far from superior avenue and it is in its OWN non-dinky building. until i open MY gay bath-house in cranberry township (hopefully in the old DICKS building), i will be wasting gas to drive to cleveland rather than wasting time in pittsburgh's dinky bath-house. it's homophobia, really, because gay "men" already have the "masculivoid"-type gender-identity of a member of the lesser gender - pittsburgh is ridiculing us by providing a tiny bath-house to complement our tiny levels of masculine esteem. granted, i may not have enough masculine identity and masculine self-worth to regard myself as "man enough to be my man," but a dinky little bath-house for me to indulge in my dinky little state of masculine insufficience, well, it just slaps me in the face. as i'm sure it does for EVERY gay "man" who feels dinky and un-super enough to be curious of non-dinky supermen. i'm sure that i am not the only one who would like to see the pittsburgh bath-house relocate to a bigger building, because right now...well, club pittsburgh is "just a little bitty pissant country place," if you know what i mean. mr. dylan terreri, i dr. sheldon cooper, ii -------------------------- "When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna -------------------------- *** Get Your Free E-mail Address At *** Yet another production of, LLC --------------------------

    • cariocaus
      cariocaus Over a year ago
      Hates it

      just avoid the place
      I used to go there fairly often when I was living in Pittsburgh and it has always been a hit and miss, but gradually worsening. Clean, but rarely interesting people go there, it is empty most of the time for such a big place (4 stories plus the sundeck). Staff is nice in a facetious way, but they have been rude to me and to other friends of mine as well, showing their true'll get better by playing with your i-Phone aps to hook up while in the city...