Impulse Pittsburgh Presents: Secret Messages Dance Party


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Thank you again for a wonderful event in January-- we really rocked the new venue and partied with about 400 other women! We're going back to a venue favorite for February's Party: Finnigan's Wake with a special theme.

About the Event

Location: Finnigan's Wake
Address: 20 East General Robinson St. Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Date: Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2013
Time: 9PM - 2AM
Cost to get in the door: $5
Age: 18+ Anyone under 21 will be marked with a sharpie so they can't purchase any alcoholic beverages

About the Venue

This month, we're going back to Finnigan's Wake. Everytime we've had an event there, we had at least 400 people in attendance! It is a popular spot with an amazing and attentive staff who gets drinks out pronto.

There are 3 sections to the bar- a quiet area with tables and chairs and it's own bar. A middle section which is a bar and some games on the side. And a third section which contains yet ANOTHER bar and a spacious dance floor where DJ Steph will be.

Lots of elbow room in this venue!


We're doing a not-your-average-Valentine's-Day-Theme Dance Party! We'll have a table of multi colored heart sticky notes and markers. Feel free to write an anonymous message to a crush or an inside joke between your significant other and yourself. Then, you may post it anywhere you'd like in the venue :) Maybe along the bar or along the sides of the dance floor. That way, other people can read it and maybe your crush will find it!

If you're REALLY brave, you have the option of using DJ Steph's mic to send a little shoutout to your crush or significant other or even dedicate a song to them throughout the night. Keep the songs dance-able though! If you're too shy, DJ Steph can spread the word for you if you just tell her what to say.

No dress code for this bar! Dress in whatever is comfortable for you. Also, no need to participate in the theme- just come out to dance!

Of course, we will be doing Orange Singles Bracelets again.


We will have an impulse Photobooth where you can take pics with your friends or take a couples photo with your significant other. The cost is $1 to take a photo and all the proceeds go to PSEC, which is the Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition. PSEC is heading the PASS act in Congress.

Also, PSEC will be selling raffle tickets for $1 each! You had the chance to win some restaurant gift cards and other prizes! You will be writing your full name on the back of each raffle ticket you buy, so when we randomly select the winners the next day (the day after Impulse), we will get in touch with you through Facebook so we can mail you your prizes! Much easier than trying to call out numbers :)

Photographer and DJ

DJ Steph will be pumping top 40's dance tunes all night long. She takes requests!

Photographer to capture more sexy/cute/insane moments. If you want a group picture with your friends for Facebook, feel free to ask our photographer! If you don't want any record of this night, add your name to our list at the front table, and we'll make sure not to put up any pics of you. We're very strict about this policy!

Drink Specials

$3.25 Miller Lites AND Domestic Drafts
$3.25 Any Well Drink you want (vodka, rum, gin, whiskey)
$3.25 Bar's famous fruity concoction


There is a Paid Lot on East General Robinson St- literally 2 feet up from the venue on the left (it's a one-way street). It is only $4 for the entire night. HOWEVER-- Pittsburgh recently changed the parking rules so it -might- be free (the parking rule is that on weekends parking is free. North Shore MIGHT be included in that.. I will try to find that out and post an update here).

Ways to Mingle if you're Single

We will be doing Singles Bracelets again!! When you enter, you will be offered an orange bracelet you can wear if you are single, making it a little easier to mingle with others!
  • Finnigan's Wake
    20. East General Robinson St., Pittsburgh
  • Saturday Feb 2, 2013
  • Event on Facebook


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