The Parador Inn

50% love it
Tropical Garden Setting -- in Pittsburgh
A Caribbean-themed b&b with a dining room, a parlor and a library to pass the time in with other guests, or with your host, Ed. Guest passes are available to the YMCA gym down the street.


    • Julie1138
      Julie1138 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Discourteous and Arrogant
      if you plan to stay here, and are delayed in your travels, you WILL be locked out. Airline delays, traffic issues, road construction. It doesn't matter. If you are late, you are out of luck. The host has your money, and you're in the street, period. My wife and I paid good money to stay here, and were delayed due to road construction. The host simply told us we would be locked out. We could sleep in our car if we wanted, but HE was going to bed. I have NEVER experienced an establishment that didn't have SOME arrangements (combination door lock, combination lock box.. ANYTHING) beyond leaving two women to fend for themselves in the heart of Pittsburgh at 10:30 PM. I can't speak to the inside of this place, because at this point, I would never darken his door, ever.