Fur Suit Thursday (All Gender)


Join us while we kick off ANTHROCON at Club Pittsburgh! Thursday is regularly our All Gender night, so everyone is welcome regardless of gender or sexual orientation (18+)

Fur suits are welcome. Additionally, if you wear a fur suit or bring your Anthrocon pass, you will reseive a $2 discount.

Club Pittsburgh is 4 floors plus a rooftop area. A play area will be set up on the second floor. There is a hot tub and a steam room on the 5th floor, and there are multiple shower areas.

There are two entry options. Each person must purchase either a locker or a room. The lockers are exactly what you think they are (a place to store your belongings.

Rooms have a bed, a night stand, a hook to hang clothes, and a door that locks. This option is better for people that want a place to get away or have some privacy.

Lockers are $17

Single rooms are $24

Double rooms are $29

That's total cost. There is usually a $9 one-time fee, but it is waived on Thursday. Additionally, if you qualify for the discount listed above, then remove $2 from those totals.

We are only a block and a half away from the convention center. It's a two minute walk. If you have any questions, visit our webpage www.clubpittsburgh.com or message us on Facebook.


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