P Town Bar

86% love it
Drinks, dancing, drag
The home of Steeler's games and hot guys stripping, but not at the same time.


    • BBwannabe
      BBwannabe 6 months ago

      I was here on 9/1/22 for karaoke night (just my luck :-)) This bar is in N. Oakland which is about a 10 min. drive from downtown. I was carded--everyone was--but there was no cover. P-town is basically a bar and a dance floor with some tables and chairs in between and a DJ booth to the R of the dance floor. Note the blue Xmas lights and disco ball above the dance floor. There is a new bar and a pool table in the back "man cave." The mixed crowd was thick and seemed to be mostly locals and gay youth from the local colleges. I liked the muscle daddy bartender and the cheap drinks--$4.50 for a rum and coke. I would probably go back to see male strippers or go-go guys.

    • Total Dive with low key drag shows. Very local crowd!

    • GimmeSomeFur
      GimmeSomeFur Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Never mind the dancing boys on Friday
      The real attraction here is the karaoke on Thursday nights and the bearish crowd who have recently deserted the Brewers Hotel. Pool table, friendly owners and staff.

    • Mikel.kungpao
      Mikel.kungpao Over a year ago
      Hates it

      2nd bar of the night
      This place is really small. Once I opened that door..It was overwhelming with cigarette smoke. I saw some average looking boys completely nude and dancing. Crowd was mostly older white men. 40+. If your a nonsmoker... Avoid this place.

    • rds1985
      rds1985 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun Laid Back Atmosphere - No Pretention
      Last time I was at PTown was over a year ago and it wasn't a good experience. I've been back a few times recently to give it another shot and it has been great! The crowd is very nice and ranges from young to old, so there is something for everyone. It looks like they are in the process of remodeling and painting which was much needed. The drinks and specials are very well priced. You can get a great buzz on little money compared to other places. On weekends they have strippers and most of them are pretty hot! The bartenders are also very friendly and attentive, and John & Gregg are sooo HOT! They are seriously the hottest bartenders in this city!

    • jethrobonedean
      jethrobonedean Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A potential nice place.... NOT
      P-Town uses gay male dancers as a lure. Not worth it. Disgruntled staff, atmosphere is like Cheers that's going out of business. Other places much nicer and busy: Brewers, 1508, Spin, Donnies. Now you now why next to no one bothers to even go into this dark pit: not even on Gay Pub night. Freaky people inside that tend to go balistic.

    • okpitt
      okpitt Over a year ago
      Hates it

      not safe, strange clients
      rmpgh talks about someone as if he has no idea of what an opinion is. Ptown is not happening. Read the reviews, avoid going there alone or late at night. Saw bar fight when there and people just shrugged it off. Bartenders nice, owners not so. Better choices elsewhere. Also dancers look underage and there is no ascap\bmi sticker. Do not ask why, but Bmi fines bars that play music without paying required license. Read the news about the crackdown in pittsburgh for unlicenced bars.

    • RinPGH
      RinPGH Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Nice neighborhood bar
      Wow! I don’t know what Niceregularguywithheart has been smoking, but this place is not like anything he describes. I have been going to P-Town off & on since it opened & have never seen anything negative that he describes. The owners have been very nice to everyone. If indeed that did happen to him, it’s probably because he became an abusive drunk or is a jilted queen. It’s obvious that he has issues or he wouldn’t be commenting with the same garbage on everyone’s reviews. Sounds to me like he needs his meds increased. The usual clientele is around 40ish to 50ish with some younger guys that come in. I would describe it as a neighborhood bar setting. They have a DJ on Saturdays. They do have nude dancers several nights a week. They used to be a lot better than they are now. Some weekend nights they don’t have any, which I think is the reason the crowds are lighter than they used to be. The bartenders are more attentive than they used to be. They used to be so slow & seemed to care more about having conversations with customers that were their friends than waiting on other customers. That seems to have changed for the better over the past year. Overall I’d say it’s a nice place to meet up with friends & start out the night.

    • jhenry1956
      jhenry1956 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      hot dancer
      Was there sat nite dancer was hot

    • piercedm4m
      piercedm4m Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Fun Bar - Good Drinks - Friendly People
      Overall, it's a fun bar. All bartenders are friendly and the drinks are good. Weekends always busy and nice crowd for nude strippers several weekdays each week but happy hour is mainly a bust. One time their open and one time their not. If you plan to go before 9:00 p.m., give them a call to be sure they are open but overall, I really like the place, the music, the crowd. FUN PLACE. Try It.

    • ctrever23
      ctrever23 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Website is half-ass & no facebook
      Are you even open during the week? What is your schedule? This isn't the 80's. How are people supposed to see what goes on each night?

    • harleystud
      harleystud Over a year ago
      Hates it

      good place
      Joe the owner is a great guy and Travis a bartender really helped when I had a tough night - clean and filled with almost all good people

    • Firnan
      Firnan Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Friendly dancers and staff
      I started going there mostly Saturday nights. Dancers are always friendly and polite. Bartenders always make sure my drink is filled. The owners/managers enjoy coming over and talking to their guest. Crowd is laid back and easy to talk to, I actually met some people that became friends there. Surprised by some of the other reviews. Never had problems with bartenders jumping to get me drinks or just say hi.

    • PittUAdude
      PittUAdude Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Anyone hear of service?
      It seems to me that the bartenders here are more interested in talking to the group sitting at the back corner of the bar or texting on their cell phones rather than serving their guests. Most of the time when I go there, I sit at the bar and wait while at least a couple minutes for the bartender to notice I'm there, even on a slow night. There are always dirty glasses sitting on the sink and the younger bartender usually closes up the bar at 1:50 and has his bag on his shoulder well before closing time. If they hired better bartenders, maybe the place would get better reviews.

    • enjoylife
      enjoylife Over a year ago
      Loves it

      ok. bar. but what ever happened to hot, built strippers? why do they all look 12 and act like girls?